Welcome to Naga Bhairava Kona

The world’s first Koti Shiva Panchaakshari Stupa has been constructed and Stupa Pratishta was done on 11th November 2013 in Nagabhairava Kona which brings uniqueness to this lord shiva's living place. Piligrims belive this place as second kailas due to appearance of the hill as the himalayan kailas .

This wonderful green canvas created by the God in the near forest of Somasila (Somasila Dam). The NagabhairavaKona is in the middle of Mareduvanam (Forest with more Bhel trees). The Bhairava idol is unique with his yagnopavith made with Kapalas which is the only Kapala Bhairav Idol in the world.The NagaRaja Idol is also unique by its nature as it was sculpted with Shank and Chakra on his both sides to bring its uniqueness.

Bhairava is depicted and ornamented with a range of twisted serpents, which serve as earrings, bracelets, anklets, and sacred thread (Yagnopaveeta) and wears ritual apron composed of human bones. Bhairava has a dog as his divine Vaahana.

Bhairava himself has eight manifestations i.e. Ashtha Bhairava.

  • Asithaanga Bhairava
  • Ruru Bhairava
  • Chanda Bhairava
  • Krodha Bhairava
  • Unmattha Bhairava
  • Kapaala Bhairava
  • Bheeshana Bhairava
  • Samhaara Bhairava

Kala Bhairava is conceptualized as the Guru of the planetary deity Shani (Saturn). Bhairava is known as Bhairavar or Vairavar in Tamil where he is often presented as Grama Devata or village guardian who safeguards the devotee on all eight directions .Lord Bhairava is the main deity worshipped by the Aghoras